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360 videos are massive benefits when it comes to audience engagement


360 video is immersive in nature, allowing the viewer to explore outside the frame and experience each story in a different way every time they view it. This immersive medium encourages viewers to explore. Compared to standard video, 360 videos can command more earned interactions, increase retention and have a lasting impact.

Easy to Distribute

Users can watch 360 video on any capable mobile device, with or without a VR headset. Viewers can simply move their phones to explore the 360 content, like a window to another world. It’s just as easy to view content on laptop and desktop computers, where you can click and drag to change the perspective of the 360 scene. The content can easily be adapted to all platforms and devices — it’s easy to shoot once and deploy to various platforms and devices. Tethered VR headsets and powerful computers are not required.

Easy to Distribut

For destination marketing, 360 video and VR can take experiential marketing to the next level. This new medium is transportive, giving your viewer the next best experience to actually being there. Whether you aim to book vacations, find that perfect summer rental, or explore new and exciting tourist destinations, 360 video can take you there.